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Guatemala Visa

Guatemala customs

Free import

• 80 Cigarettes or
• 3 ½ ounces of tobacco
• 2 bottles of liquor or spirits
• No restrictions on perfume


• Illegal drugs
• Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition
• Knives and other dangerous weapons
• Milk and milk products
• Wild plants and plant products
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material
• Culturally valuable pre Columbian artefacts are banned from exiting the country without permission.


• All passengers visiting the country will need to pay a GTQ 20 Airport Security Tax when returning home.
• Cats and dogs being imported into the country will require a veterinarian health certificate. The certificate will need to prove that the animals have been vaccinated against Rabies if coming from or passing through an infected region. Dogs must also be accompanied by a vaccination certificate against parvovirus. Only pedigreed pets will be allowed to enter the country for free.